Dog Bite Treatment

When dealing with a bite from either a familiar or an unfamiliar animal, there are specific measures that you should take. What you do will depend on the situation and the severity of the wound. Read on to learn how you can attend to a bite.

When Your Injury Is Not Severe

If you are unlucky enough to be bitten by a dog, these are the first steps you should take:
1. Administer First Aid - The kind of first aid you dispense will depend on the seriousness of the bite. If the bite didn’t puncture your skin, warm some water and use it together with soap to wash the area. You can also apply an antiseptic cream to the wound.
2. Wash the Wound -  If the teeth pierced through your skin, rinse the wound with running water for at least five minutes. This will help to remove any dirt, debris, or saliva that may be on the wound. Then use warm soapy water to wash the wound.
3. Encourage Bleeding - Apply pressure around the wound to encourage a little bleeding; the bleeding will aid in removing the germs.
4. Stop the Bleeding - This may sound contradictory, but if the wound is bleeding profusely, use a clean cloth to press on the wound and stop the bleeding.
5. Cover the Injury - Then, apply an antibacterial lotion and use a sterile bandage to cover the injury. 
Regardless of the severity level, you should monitor all dog bites wounds for signs of infection until they heal completely.

When To Go To The Hospital

Seek immediate medical treatment if the wound is severe, and also if:
The bleeding does not stop after applying pressure for about 10 to 15 minutes.
There was skin tearing after the bite. You can receive a tetanus shot to minimize the likelihood of a tetanus infection.
You are bitten by a wild animal, a pet whose owner you can't locate, or if you’re unable to get the dog’s vaccination history from the owner.
Your immune system is weak because of chronic diseases like diabetes, or you’ve recently undergone a surgical procedure.
The wound has signs of infection such as redness, warmth, swelling, or some pus is coming out.
The doctor may prescribe antibiotic treatment based on your overall health and the severity of the wound. The treatment procedure will prevent or heal the infection.

If the animal is suffering from rabies, you’ll require a rabies vaccine to stop the spread of the disease in your body.

Often, dog bite injuries are easy to treat. But, if you’re in doubt, it’s crucial that you consult a healthcare professional.
Doctor with Rabies Shot

The Impact of Dog Bites

Dog bites can have a lasting impact on your life. It is important to seek medical and professional attention and get the help you need to recover from both the physical and emotional effects of a dog bite.  Our dog bite lawyers can help you get the compensation you need and deserve to pay these costs.
Physical Effects

After recovering from the injury, you may have some physical effects of the bite, such as scars, scratches, and stitches. Some wounds might fade away after a specific duration. However, most severe injuries tend to leave permanent damage.

Mental Effects

A bite can have a long-lasting psychological effect on the victim. These traumas can damage an individual’s mental health and also adversely impact their life in the future. Such mental effects include:


Cynophobia is the intense fear of dogs. People with cynophobia tend to stay away from dogs due to this fear. When around dogs, these people experience instant and rising nervousness, which could lead to panic attacks. Bite victims may drastically change how they live their everyday life. For example, they may refuse to visit or enjoy time with their friends who have dogs or refuse to visit a park because there might be dogs there.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Like all other traumas that lead to extreme stress levels, dog attacks can also trigger PTSD. The victim may experience specific symptoms, such as recurring nightmares, memory issues, avoidance, and loss of sleep. Attacks often leave permanent scars that serve as a persistent reminder of the attack. These blemishes can also lead to low self-regard and self-image impairment. If left unattended, PTSD could give rise to long-lasting problems as the symptoms may become more severe with time.

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