Why Do Dogs Bite?

A dog can be a great companion and add considerable value to your life. Even though they may be your best friend, dogs are still animals and are capable of biting. When an animal, be it a familiar one or a stray, bites you, your initial reaction may be nervousness or shock since dog bites can be frightening, painful, and can bring in harmful bacteria into your body. Therefore you should take prompt action after getting bitten.
Here is everything you should know about why dogs bite, and what to do to avoid such accidents.

Common Causes of Dog Bites

A dog bite attack usually occurs due to specific circumstances that cause an attack. Unlike human beings, dogs can’t use words to express their pain, anger, or other emotions. When in pain, feeling afraid, or under attack, a dog will at times resort to snapping, growling, or biting a victim.

The probability that a dog will end up biting can differ considerably due to the unique circumstances and the individual animal. However, the following factors are likely to prompt an aggressive reaction in dogs.
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1. Defensiveness

A dog may bite to defend its property. In this case, the property can be anything from a territory, members of their pack, humans, or even food. This defensive behavior can become apparent in any canine, but herding breeds and watchdogs are frequently the worst offenders.
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2. Fear

Dogs can direct their fear towards newcomers, such as delivery people or mail carriers. Never approach strange dogs and teach your kids to do the same. Dog bites in children can also occur when dogs are startled at home. Thus, you should inform your children never to scare a dog, even their own.
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3. Maternal instincts

Even well-trained dogs can become biters when they have puppies. To avoid getting bitten, understand and respect the maternal instinct in an animal that has recently given birth. If it is your pet, be sure the mother and the puppies are in a safe place where they are free from distractions.
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4. Prey Instinct

Dog bites can also occur when you run or cycle past an animal during overzealous play. If you’re jogging or  cycling, familiarize yourself with the environment. Also, if you come across a wandering dog, try not to cross paths with them.
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5. Injury and illness

Illness can cause even the kindest dogs to bite. When dogs are not feeling well, they may not want to be approached even by their favorite person. If your pet has hip dysplasia or any chronic injuries, teach your children to be gentle when touching the dog. More importantly, they should stay away from the aching parts to avoid aggravating the pain.
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6. Dog fights

Never try to intervene when a canine is involved in a fight another animal. Attempting to separate dogs during a fight can result in serious injuries since, at the time, all the dogs care about is winning, regardless of who they may hurt.

When Dogs Bite

There are a number of reasons why dogs may bite. Dogs may bite out of fear, aggression, or excitement. They may also bite out of a desire to protect their territory or possessions. Some dogs may bite because they are injured or sick. If a dog feels threatened or is provoked, it may see biting as the only way to protect itself.

Dogs that are not properly socialized may be more likely to bite because they are afraid of people. Dogs that are abused or neglected may also be more likely to bite out of fear or aggression. Dogs that are kept in cramped conditions, such as in a small cage, may become frustrated and aggressive.

Some dogs may become so excited that they bite out of sheer exuberance. This is more likely to occur if the dog is playing with someone it knows and trusts. 

If you are bitten by a dog, it is important to seek medical attention right away. Dog bites can be serious and even life-threatening.

If you have been injured by a dog bite, contact our Los Angeles office to discuss your legal options. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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